It would be good to find out more about the films made by Sri Chinmoy featuring John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana. Please contact Pierrot if you can help.

From: Pierrot Jain
Subject: [Lotusflower] Sri Chinmoy - MODERATOR'S REPLY:


Dear Pierrot,

I can see you are a sincere fan of the collaboration in the 1970's
between these two great guitarists.

Some flames burn so brightly that they burn themselves out quickly,
while other flames, more slow and steady, can continue to burn for a
long, long time. I'm sure many people share your appreciation for
the music and films produced in cooperation with Sri Chinmoy Centre
in the seventies. But that era is gone.

Sri Chinmoy's philosophy is "The past is dust." Those following his
path care for constant new creation. Life brings constant change,
constant gain and loss. Always there are new songs to be sung, new
beauties to be discovered.

Since you are a fan--perhaps the ultimate fan--of that era, it is
understandable that you want to hold onto it, and revisit its joys.
But Sri Chinmoy's students have a duty to let go of the past,
allowing it to be what it was, but not bringing it into the present.
Sri Chinmoy writes:

Do Not Regret

Regret is nothing but a waste;
Therefore, do not regret.
See the light, feel the light, become the light
Of today's dawn
And try not, cry not
To see yesterday's stars, moon and sun.
They are gone.
They should be buried in oblivion-night.

Pierrot, life is constant meetings and partings. When people meet,
they may share something brief, but very special. Then when they
part, what they shared still has its own music--beautiful music, but
music of the past. It cannot be brought into the present, and it
would not be fair for Sri Chinmoy Centre to insist that these
students from bygone days have to always be associated with the
Centre. They have gone on to other things in their lives, and we
have to respect their choices.

Maybe someone has a copy of these films somewhere. But I doubt that
this material can be made available, because it would not be fair to
the original creators.

If you've contacted the Centre in the past about these films, but
have gotten no reply, please forgive Sri Chinmoy's students. They
are often quite busy working on new projects. There is so much new
beauty being created in the Centres every day!

Unless there is a private collector who can help you, you may have
to content yourself with the legend surrounding these films. But the
spirit of love, devotion and surrender which was behind them lives
on in Sri Chinmoy's life and teachings, and in the daily lives of
his students. If you ever have a chance to attend a concert put on
by Sri Chinmoy Centre--in Switzerland or elsewhere--I'm sure you
will be most welcome. Probably you will not hear too much
jazz-fusion like in the seventies, but definitely you will hear
music of unparalleled devotion.

Best regards,

Assistant Moderator