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False Mahavishnu Orchestra/John McLaughlin Sets

DISCLAIMER: This list of (probably/possibly) false Mahavishnu Orchestra and other John McLaughlin sets is provided as a source of information in support of the Album Covers Archive and is not intended to promote the generation nor trading of unauthorised illegal bootleg music.
Please consult the John McLaughlin Timeline 1970-79 and the Mahavishnu Orchestra set lists 1971-73 for further details

The Lifetime w. John McLaughlin tape listed as Berlin 1970 is wrong listed The Berlin 1970 concert with LIFETIME was cancelled and later at Montreux 1971 Ted Dunbar was the guitarist not John McLaughlin.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Symphony Hall, Boston 1972.01.26 65min show, was recorded by Columbia records and sent also on WBAI then. (the same tape has also been wrong listed as 1971.11.06.)

The Mahavishnu Orchestra I Rochester, Capitol Theater 1971.11.30 FM tape is wrong - it's taken from the Jabberwocky Club 1971.

The listed Mahavishnu Orchestra I Stockholm August 1972 is WRONG listed. Mahavishnu Orchestra Stockholm 1972 recording is taken from the bootleg DANCE OF THE MAYA which was later issued by OH BOY on CD.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra Holland 1972 listed tape in circulation is wrong. It is taken from Munich 1972 live - Birds Of Pray bootleg

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Chicago 1972.12.21 tape has been sent out as a lot of other combinations like 1972.05.12 etc, but they are all from the same show. Only 1972.12.21 is right

Mahavishnu Orchestra - 1973 Radio City Hall is a 35min FM tape that was taken from Hunters College, NY 1972.05.15 tape

The Mahavishnu Orchestra show listed 1973.02? Buffalo, N.Y. 90min is the same show as Toronto 1973.01.26. tape, but Buffalo is rec in stereo and also miss the introduction.

The listed Mahavishnu Orchestra show - Ebbit's Fieldhouse Aud. 80 min is taken from 1973.07.23 - Tanglewood, Lowell, MA the only difference is that on Ebbit's songs are in wrong order cut and pasted differenty, to confuse

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Saginaw 1973.08 , Albuquerque 1973.08., Mahavishnu Orchestra - unknown 1973.08. They are all the same (likely it's an unknown location)

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - 1973.08 -Unknown USA, -Albuquerque, -Saginawa tapes are all from the same concert. Most likely it's unknown loc.

The Mahavishnu/Santana 1973.08.28. - Boston listed as 115 min, but it's only 90 min. as the last 25min is Turian Matador from same show re-taped and paisted in as filler

The John McLaughlin/Carlos Santana Community Theater, Berkley 1973.09.05. tape 90 min is also a fake. Side A is likely from Santa Monica, CA 1973. and the side B is taken from the Chicago 1973 Bootleg.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra 1973.11.18 Don Kirsner Rock Concert video/audio 18min is also listed as Capodistria TV 1973 - 4. (note: same show)

The 45 min Mahavishnu Orchestra tape 1973.11. - Santa Monica, CA is total fake. First 13 min are taken from the TV ABC In Concert (Bananafish Garden, Brooklyn, NYC.1973.0X.) The rest 30 min are taken from - Ebbit's Fieldhouse, Denver, CO 1973.04.03 (the FM 60 min show)

Some versions of the John McLaughlin/Carlos Santana - Seattle 1973 show, has the wrong first 90 min part. It's taken from the John McLaughlin/Carlos Santana Chicago Bootleg. but the last 60 min (part II) are not.

Mahavishnu Orchestra II - 1975.08.21 NYC. Aud 90'is also a wrong dated tape This one is taken from Avery Fisher Hall NYC 1975.05.01

Mahavishnu Orchestra III - 1975.08.17. Orange J.F., France is also listed as Mahavishnu Orchestra III Aug 1975 Teathre Antique.(Same show, cut diff.) PR 72 min

The Shakti Lyon, France 1977.03.24. is a fake. It's taken from 1977.04.10 Teatre des Champs Elysees, Paris, France tape

The Shakti 45min - San Francisco 1977 is actually taken from the first 45' of the BBC 1977 tape

Some of versions of the One Truth Band Frankfurt 1978.09.23 FM 120 min tapes has the first 45 min copied from the Montreux J.F. 1978.07.19. , so most of the One Truth Band Frankfurt rec. shows on tape are only about 70min.

The One Truth Band - LA, CA 1978 FM 45 min is faked. One Truth Band did not play there 1978, it's taken from - My Fathers Place, NY 1978.07.27(FM) (rumours though of a John McLaughlin and Billy Cobham LA-jamsession, sadly not taped)

Santana/Chinmoy - Meditation Center, S.F., CA 1980 - 45 min is likely an older 1973(?) tape, but without John Mclaughlin. Though Carlos Santana plays one of these guitars. The other guitarist may as well be (Kautohol) Glen Smith from San Francisco, as they played together back then. Alternatively this is from the 80 tour with Christian Escoude.