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Time-line for John McLaughlin (McL) 1970-1979
provided by One-Worder Graham Crawford

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  New York 1970
  Berlin 1970
McL/Miles Davis Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbour, Michigan 21/02/1970
McL/Tony William's Lifetime Studio session, NY 21/07/1970
  Berlin, Germany Nov-70
  Oxford, England 06/11/1970
McL/Miles Davis Washington 18/12/1970
Mahavishnu (1) Symphony Hall, Boston 1971
  Cobo Hall, Detroit 1971
  WBCN 11/06/1971
John/Eve McLaughlin Guitar Players Concert, Town Hall, NY 14/08/1971
Mahavishnu (1) Inner Mounting Flame' sessions, NY       Aug-71
  Jabberwocky Club, Syracuse Uni, NY 04/11/1971
  European Radio Broadcast Venue unknown 1972
  Orpheum Theater, Boston 26/1/72 or 29/1/72
  Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern Univ., -
  Evanston, Illinois 21/02/1972
  Portland, Maine Mar-72
  Whisky a Go-Go, LA, California 27/03/1972
  Mar Y Sol Festival, Puerto Rico 03/04/1972
  Phil. Hall, Lincoln Center, NY 09/04/1972
  Cleveland 21/04/1972
  Skytop, Syracuse University 12/05/1972
  Hunter College, New York 15/05/1972
  Hollywood, Florida 27/05/1972
McL/Miles Davis 'On the Corner' sessions, NY 1-6/6/72
Mahavishnu (1) Stockholm Aug-72
  Kongresshalle, Munich 17/08/1972
McLaughlin (solo) Munich 19/08/1972
McL/James Taylor 'One Man Dog' album session, LA Autumn 1972
Mahavishnu (1) Chateau Vallon, France 23/08/1972
  BBC TV Concert 25/08/1972
  Crystal Palace Bowl, UK 02/09/1972
  'Birds of Fire' sessions, London & NY Sep-Oct 1972
McL/Santana 'Love Devotion Surrender' sessions (1), NY Oct-72
Mahavishnu (1) Albany WRPI post-gig radio interview Oct-72
  'Dance of Maya' Bootleg Oct-72
  University of Miami, Florida 15/10/1972
  Hoch Auditorium, Lawrence, Mass. 04/11/1972
  Community Theater, Berkeley, California 09/11/1972
  Seattle, Washington 11/11/1972
  Buffalo, NY Dec-72
  Chapin Hall, Williamstown 02/12/1972
  Constitution Hall, Washington 05/12/1972
  Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY 08/12/1972
  The Spectrum, Philadelphia 09/12/1972
  Auditorium Theatre, Chicago 12/12/1972
  Hollywood Speedway, Hollywood, Florida 27/12/1972
  Convocation Hall, Toronto (soundcheck) 26/01/1973
  Convocation Hall, Toronto 26/01/1973
  KBFH broadcast, NY 13/2/73 (b'cast date)
McL/Santana 'Love Devotion Surrender' sessions (2), NY Mar-73
Mahavishnu (1) Felt Forum, NYC 16/03/1973
  Suny College, New Paltz, New York 17/03/1973
  Santa Monica 25/03/1973
  Seattle 26/03/1973
McL/Santana & others 'Sri Chinmoy' music for documentary, NY Apr-73
Mahavishnu (1) Lisner Auditorium, ....... Apr-73
  Washington Apr-73
  Auditorium Theatre, Chicago Apr-73
  Ebbet's Fieldhouse, Denver, Colorado 03/04/1973
McL/Santana 'Welcome' session, SF 02/05/1973
Mahavishnu (1) Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto 04/05/1973
  Waterbury, Connecticutt 16/05/1973
  Nassau 18/05/1973
  Capodistria TV, Belgrade, Yugoslavia Jun-73
  Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 03/06/1973
  Sindelfingen, Germany 07/06/1973
  Frankfurt, Germany 08/06/1973
  Le Bataclan, Paris 10/06/1973
  Zurich, Switzerland 14/06/1973
  Between Nothingness.....' Studio album 25/6/73 started
  Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 30/06/1973
  Music Inn, Lennox, California 23/07/1973
  Central Park, New York 05/08/1973
  Civic Centre, Saginaw, MI 10/08/1973
  Central Park, New York 17-18/8/73
McL/Santana/(Cobham?) Saratoga, New York State 26/08/1973
  Boston Gardens, Boston 28/08/1973
  Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto 29/08/1973
  Chicago Stadium or International -
  Santa Monica (?) Sep-73
  Ampitheater, Chicago, Illinois 01/09/1973
  Seattle Coliseum, Seattle 07/09/1973
Mahavishnu (1) Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo 19/09/1973
  Budokan Hall, Tokyo 28/09/1973
  Amherst College, Massachusetts late 1973?
  La Jolla, San Diego 11/10/1973
  Boston, Massachusetts 19/10/1973
  Mackay Auditorium, Uni of Colorado 04/11/1973
  Jai Lai Stad., Fronton, Miami, Florida 24/11/1973
  DKRC -
  Hofstra University 28/11/1973
  Avery Fisher Hall, New York 27/12/1973
  Avery Fisher Hall, New York 28/12/1973
  Masonic Auditorium 30/12/1973
  Sport Arena, Toledo, Ohio 31/12/1973
John/Eve McLaughlin & others 'Beyond an Empty Dream' sessions Dec-73
Mahavishnu (2a) 'Apocalypse' sessions Mar-74
  Dallas, Texas 11/06/1974
  The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 19/06/1974
  Central Park, New York 24/06/1974
  Frankfurt, Germany 05/07/1974
  Montreux Jazz Festival 07/07/1974
  Olympia Theater, Paris 15/07/1974
  Royce Hall, UCLA 30/10/1974
  Cessna Stadium, Wichita, Kansas 08/11/1974
  Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 14/11/1974
  'Visions' recording sessions, NY 4-14/12/74
McL/Santana/Chinmoy 'Songs of the Soul' sessions, NY 1975
McL/Stanley Clarke & co 'Journey to Love' sessions, NY       1975
McL/Eve/Mahalaksmi Buddhist Temple, Chicago Jan-75
Mahavishnu (2a) Fairfield Halls, Croydon 19/01/1975
  Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK 21/01/1975
  Copenhagen, Denmark -
  Concerthaus, Stockholm, Sweden 07/02/1975
McL/Santana/Cobham & Co Central Park, New York -
Mahavishnu (Assumed Maha 2b - after Ponty/Moran left) Arie Crown Theater, McCormack Place -
  Exhibition Hall, Chicago Apr/May 1975
  Buffalo, New York 24/04/1975
  Civic Center, Springfield, MA 26/04/1975
  Avery Fisher Hall, New York 01/05/1975
  The Spectrum, Philadelphia 02/05/1975
  Music Hall, Boston 03/05/1975
McL/Shakti Southampton College, Long Island 05/07/1975
Mahavishnu (Assumed Maha 2b - after Ponty/Moran left) 'Inner Worlds' sessions, France July-Aug 1975
  New Mexico University, Albequerque 07/07/1975
  Ludwigsburg, Germany 16/08/1975
  Theater Antique, Orange, France 17/08/1975
  Reading Festival, UK 24/08/1975
  Vienna, Austria 29/09/1975
  Palace Theater, Waterbury, Connecticutt 29/10/1975
  Toledo, Ohio 29/11/1975
McL/Stanley Clarke & co 'School Days' sessions, NY Jun-76
  'Live 1976-77' sessions, NY Jun-76
McL/Shakti Montreux 06/07/1976
  Hammersmith Odeon, London 27/7/76 (Triple bill w. Weather Report & Cobham/Duke Band!)
  Hammersmith Odeon, London 28/07/1976
  'Handful of Beauty' sessions, London       Aug-76
  BBC Session 1977
  Theatre De Champes Elysees, Paris 1977
  London 1977
  French TV documentary 1977
  Spain 1977
  Shaboo Inn, Willamantic, Connecticutt 03/03/1977
  Venice, Italy 31/03/1977
  Zurich, Switzerland May-77
  BBC In Concert 28/5/77 (b'cast)
  'Natural Elements' sessions, Geneva Jul-77
  Montreux Jazz Festival Jul-77
  Boston, Massachusetts 04/11/1977
McL/One Truth Band Italian TV 1978
  Berlin 1978
  Paris Jan-78
McL/various 'Electric Guitarist' sessions, CA 16/1-2/2 1978
McL/One Truth Band California Hall, San diego 25/05/1978
  Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA 4/6/78 ?
  Parkwest, Chicago, Illinois 4/6/78 ?
  Montreux Jazz Festival - Jam 19/07/1978
  Montreux Jazz Festival 20/07/1978
  My Father's Place, Long Island 28/07/1978
  Stonybrook University, New York 28/7/78 ?
  Central Park, New York 01/08/1978
  Sao Paulo, Brazil Sep-78
  Hamburg, Germany 06/09/1978
  Open Air Festival, Berlin 07/09/1978
  Frankfurt, Germany 23/09/1978
  Le Stadium, Paris 29/09/1978
  Chorus - TVA2, French TV 08/10/1978
  'Electric Dreams' sessions, NY Nov-Dec 1978
McL & Co South Bank Show, ITV, UK 1979
McL/Coryell/de Lucia Graz, Austria 04/02/1979
  Royal Albert Hall, London 14/02/1979
McL/Pastorious/Williams Havana Jam (The Trio of Doom) 03/03/1979
McL/Pastorius Big Band Havana Jam, Cuba (Finale jam) 03/03/1979
McL/Coryell/de Lucia Austria 21/03/1979
McL/One Truth Band Washington University, Washington 22/04/1979
  Beunos Aires, Brazil 30/05/1979
  Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA 18/06/1979
  Beacon Theater, New York 21/04/1979
  Alexander's, Brown Mills, New Jersey 12/04/1979
  Berklee Music School, Boston (2 shows?) 13/04/1979
  Beunos Aires 30/05/1979
  Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland Jul-79
McL/unknown jazz trio Saarbrucken, Germany 1979
McL/Cobham/Bruce/Goldberg Stockholm, Sweden 08/10/1979
  Olympen, Lund, Sweden 09/10/1979
  Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark 11/10/1979
  Bielefeld, Germany 13/10/1979
  Congress Center, Hamburg 19/10/1979
  Hamburg, Germany 20/10/1979
  Dusseldorf, Germany 21/10/1979
  Bremen, Germany 22/10/1979
  Paris, France 29/10/1979
  Nice, France 01/11/1979
  Milan, Italy 07/11/1979
  Rainbow Theatre, London 12/11/1979
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