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Time-line for John McLaughlin (McL) 1980-1989
provided by One-Worder Graham Crawford

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McLaughlin (solo?) Royal Albert Hall; London 1980
McL/Joe Farrell & Co 'Fuse One' sessions, NY 12-16/4/80
McL/Christian Escoude San Francisco 20/05/1980
  Antibes Jazz Festival, France Jul-80
  Velden; Austria 04/07/1980
McL/Escoude/Coryell Tokyo, Japan 24/07/1980
McL/Fuse One Band Tokyo 27/07/1980
McL/di Meola/de Lucia Frankfurt; Germany 31/10/1980
  Oslo; Norway Nov-80
  Barcelona; Spain 25/11/1980
  Madrid; Spain 26/11/1980
  San Francisco 05/12/1980
  White Plains, NY Dec-80
  Mexico City Dec-80
  Guitar Amigos documentary, Madrid Dec ?
McL/Coryell/de Lucia 'Castro Marin' sessions, Tokyo 25/12/1980
McL/Escoude/Coryell Tokyo, Japan Dec-80
McL/Santana/Sri Chinmoy Meditation Center; San Francisco 1980
McL/di Meola/de Lucia University of Massachusetts; Amherst 09/04/1981
  Savoy Opera House; New York 11/04/1981
  Opera House; Boston 12/04/1981
  Royal Oak Music Theater; Detroit 14/04/1981
  Front Row Theater; Cleveland; Ohio 16/04/1981
  Tower Theater; Philadelphia 18/04/1981
  Bushnell Auditorium; Hartford 20/04/1981
  Painters Hill Music Fair; Owings Mill 22/04/1981
McL & co 'Belo Horizonte' sessions, Paris June-July 1981
McL/Chick Corea Montreux 1981 15/07/1981
McL/di Meola/de Lucia Loreley, West Germany (Rockpalast) 30/08/1981
  Cap Dange; France 19/08/1981
Mcl (solo) FM-WLIR Interview, New York 16/12/1981
McLaughlin/Translators Detroit 14/04/1982
  Hartford; Connecticutt 21/04/1982
  Carnegie Hall; New York 23/04/1982
  UCLA, Los Angeles 14/05/1982
  'Music Spoken Here' sessions, Paris June-July 1982
  Bologna; Italy 29/06/1982
  Antibes Jazz Festival, France
  Salon de Provence, Provence, France 20/07/1982
McL/di Meola/de Lucia 'Passion Grace & Fire' sessions, London & NY Sep-Dec 1982
  Sounds/Sunday TV shows, Australia 1983
  Sydney; Australia 1983
  Open air festival, Italy -
  Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany 21/05/1983
  Freilichte, Killesburg, Stuttgart, Ger 23/05/1983
  Schwarzwald Halle, Karlsrhue, Ger 24/05/1983
  Staadthalle 4, Bremen, Ger 25/05/1983
  Niedersachsenhalle, Hanover, Ger 26/05/1983
  Eissporthalle, Berlin, Ger 27/05/1983
  Halle Munsterland, Munster, Ger 28/05/1983
  Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Ger 29/05/1983
  Circus Krone, Munich, Ger 30/05/1983
  Frieor-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigschafen, Ger 01/06/1983
  C.C.H., Hamburg, Ger 02/06/1983
  Rome; Italy 16/06/1983
  Beacon Theater; New York 07/10/1983
  Wax Museum; Washington 10/10/1983
  Performance Arts Center; Milwaukee 13/10/1983
  Arizona University; Tuscon 25/10/1983
  San Diego State University; CA 29/10/1983
  Toronto Profile Live Nov-83
Shakti (without McLaughlin?) Cooperage, Bombay, India 16/03/1984
Mahavishnu (3a) 'Mahavishnu' sessions, Paris Apr-May 1984
McL/Cobham/Hellborg (pre-Maha 3a?) French TV Mid-1984?
Mahavishnu (3a) French TV Mid-1984?
  Hammersmith Odeon; London 12/07/1984
  North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland 14/07/1984
Mahavishnu (3a) & Chick Corea (as support?) Vitoria; Spain 16/07/1984
  Juan les Pins; Antibes; France 21/07/1984
Mahavishnu (3a) Antibes Jazz Festival, France 27/07/1984
McL/Miles Davis 'You're Under Arrest' sessions, NY 22/09/1984
Mahavishnu (3a) Casablanca; Rochester; NY 06/10/1984
  Opera House; Boston 11/10/1984
  Beacon Theater; New York 13/10/1984
  Wax Museum; Washington 14/10/1984
  Royal Oak Music Theater; Detroit 21/10/1984
  Riverboat; New Orleans; LA 24/10/1984
  Beverley Theater; Beverley Hills; CA 08/11/1984
  California Expo; Burbank; CA Nov-84
McL/Bill Evans 'Alternative Man' sessions, NY Jan-May 1985
McL/Miles Davis 'Aura' sessions, Copenhagen Feb-Mar 1985
McL/Ramon Pipin 'Nous Sommes  Tous Freres' sessions, Paris Apr/Aug 1985
Mahavishnu (3b) Saafelden; Austria Feb-85
  Bologna; Italy 15/02/1985
  Metropol; Berlin 04/02/1985
McL & Co 'Round Midnight'  film s/track sessions, Paris 1-12/7/85
McL/Jonas Hellborg Swiss Jazz Festival 1985
  Royal Festival Hall; London (6.30pm) 19/07/1985
  Royal Festival  Hall; London (9.00pm) (w. Santana/ Hussain) 19/07/1985
Mahavishnu (3b) Keystone; San Francisco 08/08/1985
  Palo Alto; CA 09/08/1985
  Bottom Line; New York 15/08/1985
  Trafalmadore Cafe; Buffalo; NY 20/08/1985
  Front Row Theater; Clevelan; OH 22/08/1985
  Royal Oak Theater; Detroit 23/8/85 ?
  Chene Park; Detroit 23/8/85 ?
McL/Hellborg Saalfelden; Austria 30/08/1985
  Bratislava 25-27/10/85
McL/Tonight Show Band Johnny Carson Show 19/11/1985
Mahavishnu (3b)   'Adventures in Radioland' sessions, Milan Jan/Feb 1986
McL/Jonas Hellborg Ohne Filter TV show, Germany 1986
  Budapest; Hungary 18/03/1986
Mahavishnu (3b) Hollabrum, Austria 1986
  Neuwied Jazz Fest; Germany 21/06/1986
  Royal Festival Hall; London 24/06/1986
  Schorndorf; Germany 29/06/1986
McL/Gil Evans Orchestra Ravenna, Italy 02/07/1986
Mahavishnu (3b) Lugano Jazz Festival, Switzerland Jul-86
  Antibes Jazz Festival, France Jul-86
  Hollabrun; Austria Jul-86
  Molde Jazz Fest; Norway Jul-86
  Ravenna; Italy 05/07/1986
  Fabrik Club; Hamburg; Germany 09/07/1986
  Kristianstad Jazz Fest; Sweden 12/07/1986
  North Sea Jazz Festival; Holland 13/07/1986
  Alabamahalle; Munich; Germany 15/07/1986
Mahavishnu (3b)(w. D Sanborn) Milan; Italy 20/07/1986
Mahavishnu (3b) The Ritz; New York 05/09/1986
  Toads Place; Connecticutt 08/09/1986
  Syracuse; New York 13/09/1986
  Civic Theater; Santa Monica 14/09/1986
  Rainbow Music Hall; Denver; Co 19/09/1986
  Lincoln Center; Fort Collins 20/09/1986
McL/Hussain & Co 'Making Music'  sessions, Oslo 8-10/12/86
McL/Japanese Philharmonic Tokyo 26/01/1987
McL/Hellborg/Watanabe Tokyo 27/01/1987
McL/Jonas Hellborg Bourges; France 1987
  Q-BO; Bologna; Italy 15/02/1987
  Fabrik Club; Hamburg; Germany 19/02/1987
  Montmartre; Copenhagen; Denmark 03/03/1987
  Fairfield Halls; Croydon; UK 06/03/1987
McL/Paco de Lucia Spain mid-1987
  Freiburg, Germany 13/06/1987
  Cologne 14/06/1987
McL/de Lucia/Lagrene Freiburg; Germany 17/06/1987
McL/Paco de Lucia Royal Festival Hall; London 26/06/1987
  Montreux Jazz Festival Jul-87
  Hamburg 30/07/1987
  Freiburg; Germany 1987
  East Berlin Aug-87
McL/Hellborg Bottom Line; New York 12/08/1987
  Washington 13/08/1987
McL/Gurtu/Hellborg Detroit 1988
McL/Gurtu/Berlin Pompidou Centre; Vincennes; France 04/05/1988
  Bremen; Germany 04/06/1988
  Romano Theatre; Verona; Italy 22/06/1988
  Pavilion Theatre; Glasgow 29/06/1988
  Royal Festival Hall, London 30/06/1988
McL Trio (assumed Gurtu/Berlin) Amsterdam, Holland 1988
  Kaiserslautern; Germany 10/07/1988
  Juan Les Pins, Antibes Aug-88
  West Palm Beach; Florida 24/08/1988
  Club Bene; Sayreville; New Jersey 29/08/1988
  Night Stage; Cambridge; Massachusetts 30/08/1988
  Diamond Club; Toronto 01/09/1988
  Detroit-Montreux Jazz Fest (2 shows) 03/09/1988
McL/LSO 'Mediterranean  Concerto' sessions, England Sep-88
McL/Labeque 'Duets' sessions Nov-88
McL/Frankfurt Radio Orchestra Frankfurt; Germany 06/12/1988
McL/Orchestra Dile de France Salle Pleyel; Paris 27/01/1989
  Eglise St Paul; Colombes; France 03/02/1989
McL Trio (assumed Gurtu/Eckhardt) Berhausen; Germany Mar-89
  Montreuil; France 15/03/1989
  Palladium, New York 28/05/1989
  Institute of Musice; Atlanta 04/06/1989
  Paul Masson Vineyards; San Francisco 25/06/1989
  The Palladium; New York 28/06/1989
  Montreal; Canada 02/07/1989
McL /Orchestra/Katia Mediterranean Concerto/duets, Germany 11/07/1989
McL/Gurtu/Eckhardt Theatrehaus, Stuttgart, Germany 1989
  Montreux 1989
Mcl/di Meola/de Lucia Performing Arts Centre; Milwaukee 13/10/89 ???
McL/Gurtu/Eckhardt Verona; Italy 13/11/1989
  Royal Festival Hall, London 27/11/1989
  Queens Hall, Edinburgh 01/12/1989
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