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Time-line for John McLaughlin (McL) 1990-1998
provided by One-Worder Graham Crawford

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  The Hague, Netherlands 07/04/1990
  Paernu, Estonia 18/06/1990
McL (solo) Jazz FM radio interview 24/06/1990
McL/Orchestra/Trio w. Gurtu/Eckhardt) Theatre Royal; Glasgow 04/07/1990
McL/Gurtu/di Piazza Berklee Music School; Boston 17/10/1990
  Toads Place; New Haven; Connecticutt 18/10/1990
  Studio 10, Funkhaus, Hamburg; Germany 15/11/1990
  Berlin Jazz Festival 1991
  Australian TV May-91
  Concert Hall; Melbourne; Australia 19/05/1991
  Brisbane; Australia 26/05/1991
  Yoshis; Oakland; California 20/06/1991
  Bottom Line; New York (2 shows?) 03/07/1991
  Europe Mid-1991?
  Paris; France 08/07/1991
McL/Miles Davis & friends Paris, France 10/07/1991
McL & Co Guitar Legends; Seville; Spain 19/10/1991
McL/Gurtu/di Piazza (& Labeque ?) Royal Festival Hall, London UK 13/11/1991
  Cologne; Germany 18/11/1991
McL/Gurtu/Eckhardt / di Piazza 'Que Alegria'  sessions, Germany 29/11-03/12/91
McL/Gurtu/di Piazza / Labeque Usher Hall; Edinburgh 20/06/1992
McL/Gurtu/di Piazza Blue Note; New York 16/04/1992
  Wolf trap; Vienna; Virginia; USA 21/04/1992
  Minneapolis 24/04/1992
  Santa Cruz 27/04/1992
  New Morning; Paris 15/06/1992
  Theatrehaus, Stuttgart, Germany 04/07/1992
McL/Santana Montreal 1993
McL/Guitarists 'Time Remembered'  sessions, Milan 25-30/3/93
McL/Free Spirits Les Ulis; France 19/05/1993
  Liederhalle; Stuttgart; Germany Jul-93
  Berlin; Germany 30/10/1993
  Royal Festival Hall; London 09/11/1993
  Blue Note Jazz Club, Tokyo 16-18/12/93
McL/di Meola/de Lucia Paco de Lucia TV documentary, Germany 1994
McL/Gurtu 'Molom' sessions, Paris Feb-94
McL/Free Spirits Reggio Emilia; Italy 19/03/1994
  San Francisco 30/03/1994
  Old Victoria; Chicago; Illinois 01/04/1994
McL & Co Carnegie Hall, New York 06/04/1994
McL/Free Spirits Charles Hotel; Cambridge; MA (2 shows) 10/04/1994
  Newcastle 10/07/1994
  Montreux Jazz Festival Aug-94
McL/de Francesco/Elvin Jones 'After the  Rain' sessions, NY 4-5/10/94
McL/Free Spirits Fabrik Club, Hamburg, Germany 13/11/1994
McL/Sting/Colaiuta 'In from the Storm' sessions, England 1995?
McL/Jim Beard & co 'Jazz to  the World' sessions, Monaco 1995?
McL & co 'The Promise'  sessions, England Early 1995?
McL/Free Spirits The Old Fruitmarket; Glasgow 07/07/1995
  Perugia, Italy 11/07/1995
  Minneapolis 13/02/1996
McL/di Meola/de Lucia 'Guitar Trio'  sessions, England May - July 1996
McL/di Meola/de Lucia/Pavarotti & co 'War Child'  concert, Modena 20/06/1996
McL/di Meola/de Lucia Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 24/10/1996
  Orchard Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 22/02/1997
McL/Heart of Things (McL /Gary Thomas/Matthew Garrison/Dennis Chambers/Jim Beard King Cat Theater, Seattle WA 20/06/1997
  Vogue Theatre, Vancouver BC 21/06/1997
  Britt Pavilion, Jacksonville OR 22/06/1997
  Avery Fisher Hall, New York NY 25/06/1997
  Molson Stage, Toronto ONT 27/06/1997
  Perf. Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY 28/06/1997
  Theatre Maisonneuve, Montreal QUE 02/07/1997
McL/Hussain/Chaurasia/Vinayakram & Bendik Hofseth (sax) Konserthous, Oslo 23/09/1997
McL/Hussain/Chaurasia/Vinayakram Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham, UK 24/09/1997
  Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 25/09/1997
  Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK 26/09/1997
  Turner Sims Hall, Southampton, UK 27/9/97
McL/Heart of Things (McL /Gary Thomas/Matthew Garrison/Dennis Chambers/Jim Beard Boulder Theater, Boulder, 07/11/1997
  Boulder Theater, Boulder, 07/11/1997
  University Of Arizona, Tucson, 08/11/1997
  Wadsworth Theatre, Los Angeles 09/11/1997
  Great American Music Hall, San Franc. 12/11/1997
  Kingsbury Hall,Salt Lake City 13/11/1997
  Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul 16/11/1997
  House Of Blues,Chicago 17/11/1997
  Majestic Theatre, Detroit 18/11/1997
  Birchmere, Alexandria 20/11/1997
  Keswick Theatre, Glenside 21/11/1997
  Berklee Performance Ctr., Boston 22/11/1997
  Bottom Line, New York 24/11/1997
  Bottom Line, New York 25/11/1997
  Hameln, Germany 28/02/1998
  Kaiserslautern, Ger. 06/02/1998
  Munich, Ger. 07/03/1998
  Cologne, Ger. 09/03/1998
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